Miroslava Ledo was born in Venezuela in 1964 from Spanish parents.  Currently she lives and works in Paris, France.  

Miroslava studied Medicine and Anthropology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and Graphic Design at the Universidad José María Vargas.  The artist was granted the Mariscal de Ayacucho scholarship to study painting restauration in Florence, Italy. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Italy, Spain, France, China, Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, Poland and Venezuela. 

The Istanbul Biennial, "The trans-former", 2011, Turkey. The Beijing Biennial, 2010, China.  The International Printmaking Triennial, 2005, Sofía, Bulgaria. The International Art Fair, 1999, Ibiza, Spain.

Fundación Valparaíso, Almería, Spain, 2005. Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, United States, 2000. 

Miroslava Ledo



09.04.2012 to 30.04.2012

During her residency in our studio Miroslava will create an artist book.  The project is inspired in the relationships between human beings and nature, about which the artist denominates "secret connections".  This unique soul behind NATURE-MAN expresses a message capable of causing a subtle awakening of conscience capable of restoring the ties between empathy and hope.


SIaLaVIE (Yes to life) rotates around the appreciation of nature through diverse floating, wandering, impermanent elements that are emblems of an ephemeral, inconstant world.

The idea is that as the book is unfolded, it works as a whole in any orientation in which you read it or observe it (horizontal or vertical, as a book or floating work and/or portable mural), a kind of ambulant model and a permanent representation of this rich and impermanent nature.  In the flow of every element, every gesture, every expression or trace left in space/time, and the form in which they leave an imprint in our memory and senses, there is an implicit questioning by and for the future generations...birth, transformation, death, continuity, extinction, endless movement or not? what point do we advance? we advance consciously or in the unconscious of our daily lives?...can emotions like marvel and melancholy make us emerge from sleepwalking and go in the direction of a search for a new harmonious existence?