Within the broad spectrum of artistic residencies, the micro-residency is a new concept of work that seeks significant results in a short period. In this way it becomes a space for informal knowledge exchange and inspiration, between the resident and the host organization, and to some extent between the resident & the local scene.

Each residency is meant to be different and each resident can help developing new aspects of the residency.

Some artists who have taken micro-residencies at ´ace since 2012 till today

Alejandro Scasso 
Joseph Kaplan 
Noël Loeschbor 
Tamara Elkins 
Sonia Sanchez Avelar  
Juan Coronel 
Christiane Peschek 
Teresa Puig Pastor 
Andrea Avendaño 
Cristina Duro 
Julián Matta 
Camila Farina 
Gabriela Benítez 
Lavinia Fagiuoli
José Saccone 
Tehniyet Masood 
Adriana Sposito 
Bárbara Alperowicz 
María Fourcade 
Carlyn Zwarenstein
Lola Ramos
Carlos Doria

Micro-residencias 2019


Produce in 'ace

28.01.2019 to 13.12.2019

Take advantage of your stay in Buenos Aires--even if it is short-- to get in touch with its artistic community and produce art in an inspiring environment. 'ace gives you space and professional assistance to create new works in a short but intense slot!. 

MicroResidences are open all year along. They are an opportunity to:

a) Spend a week of your time focused on your work and artistic development, working intensively, assisted by professionals.
b) Complete a project, an idea or learn a new technique.

The microResidency is oriented towards:

* ending or deepening projects / ideas / work in progress.
* the residency time stretches from the first contact with the resident to follow-ups after the residency week.

What does the micro-residency offer?
. 5 working days 10am to 6pm (5 sessions from Monday to Friday)
. Technical and conceptual assistance
. Workshop common materials and tools 
. Lunches and refreshments
. Studio with air conditioned and heater
. A profile in the 'ace web site


08# May 6 to 10 
09# May 13 to 17 
10# May 20 to 24 
11# May 27 to 31
12# July 15 to 19 
13# July 22 to 26 
14# July 29 to August 2 
15# August 20 to 23 
16# August 26 to 30 
17# September 2 to 6 
18# September 23 to 27 
19# September 30 to October 4 
20# October 7 to 11 
21# October 28 to November 1 
22# November 4 to 8 
23# November 11 to 15 
24# November 25 to 29 
25# December 2 to 6 
26# December 9 to 13 

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