Michael Claire
Fort Riley, KS. USA. 1983 
Lives and works in Chicago, IL

2007 BA Journalism Columbia College Chicago 

I started making art in late 2015. Before that I was a cook, writer, and teacher.  

2016 Centerline Exhibit, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL 
2017 Art for Life Group Show, Fulton Market Gallery, Chicago IL 
2017 Emerging Artist Exhibit, Morpho Gallery, Chicago IL
2017 DIFFA Chicago Art for Life Exhibit & Auction, Venue One, Chicago, IL 

Create Magazine May Issue 2017 

Michael Claire


Steps in line

31.07.2017 to 25.08.2017

Michael Claire is a visual artist, journalist and chef who has lived in South Korea, India and England, places where he took inspiration not only for the kitchen but also for the visual. During his stay in Buenos Aires, he is moving around the city mainly on foot as the tour and its transit through the city is an important part of his artistic project. He is keeping a careful record of his travels on maps and will use this as a basis for his large-scale abstract drawings.


Music, in any form, is foundational to my process. I find it a useful and necessary distraction to get my mind to a more meditative state, and it’s in this space where I can react in more instinctive, emotive ways. In this state, color and shape can more accurately reflect my mood, and more easily reflect the movement and energy of the space I'm working in. 

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