Matías Piñero

1984 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Bachelor of Fine Arts at UMSA (Universidad del Museo Social Argentino).
Studied at taller Obrador with Gabriela Messuti and Florencia Frank.
He is part of the artistic collective MORBO together with Mariana Fuentes Zamorano, Romina Estecher, Juana Marcov, Josemiel Platz, Byron Toledo Goyes and Juan Ignacio Trombeta.
In 2014 he studied at the Program for artists EPAC in the art gallery Arte x Arte with Manuel Ameztoy and Augusto Zanela.
He created a sculpture workshop called "El Nido".

Solo exhibitions: 
2015: Es todo lo que te puedo mostrar, Mi Micromuseo, Buenos Aires.
2015: Antes que sea tarde, El Quetzal, Buenos Aires.

Group exhibitions:
"A puertas cerradas", with Manuel Ameztoy, Ernesto Arellano, Iván Enquin and Luis Rodriguez, Central Park, Buenos Aires; "Desempacar, ejercicio de (des)ocultar" with the artistic collective MORBO in Quito, Ecuador; “SE SUBLEVARON LOS ARTISTAS” in the art gallery Cecilia Caballero.

Matías Piñero


Composition of a gray color

26.10.2016 to 16.11.2016

At the ‘aceNITE of October 26th, Matías Piñero, artist selected through the SEMILLERO 2016 open call, presented "Composition of a gray color”.

"These series of works start from taking records of movement and moving in the places I visit, the series is composed of records in Buenos Aires, San Andres de Giles, Salta and Jujuy.

I take the relation of contemporary man with nature as a starting point of my work, I’m interested in the way this altermodern society is linked or communicates with it, how it creates ties or destroys it. I always worked with trees, being one of the elements of nature that is more linked to life, death and change. My earliest works were driven by the intention to return to nature its original state before the man used it for selfish purposes, using the waste of splints or furniture on the street.

Taking into account that nature is constantly in motion (born, growing, reproducing and dying for something to be born again) in 2015 I started with works related to this concept, investigating from the idea that one must be moved from place, out of desire or need in search of something it does not have, in order to try to feel more complete (food, energy, affection, communication, etc.)"