Marynes Avila
Lives in Australia

Bachelor of Education - Contemporary Dance, Bs As, Argentina
Masters of Arts - Art in Public Space from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. 

She exhibited widely throughout Australia and overseas.She has been the recipient of many art awards and grants and undertook numerous residencies in Australia and overseas.
She is a educator and a Masters of Art external examiner at the RMIT University Public Art Unit.

Marynes Avila



16.07.2018 to 20.07.2018

A multidisciplinary artist concerned with socially engaged practice, Marynes Avila creates work that specifically responds to site and community by implementing the use of multiples as “data connectors” in the public realm.

Taking inspiration from the wonders of nature and its forms, Avila’s work usually emerges from the tension between the concepts of invasive/introduced and endangered/native species. The artist utilizes repetition to redefine the object and its symbolism offering a subtle platform to  question the consequences of human imprint in the age of the anthropocene. 

The investigation of multiples as an allegory for the relationship between the individual, the group, and their interaction with nature shapes the vital focus of Avila’s art/science research practice.

Artist Statement

The Proyecto Ace residency will extend my ongoing investigation on the complexities of multiplicity in the natural world. My research will focus on the native flora of Argentina, particularly the study of the Ceibo/Erythrina crista-galli species, the national Argentinean tree and flower.

Extraordinarily resistant to the elements such as frost and fire, the Ceibo contributed to the geological formation of the Argentinean Mesopotamian Delta and is admired around the world for its incomparable beauty. 

My exploration will include drawing, digital photography, 
micro-photography, micrographic digital video which will be the catalyst of an installation. The installation will incorporate the flowered lace of my mother’s wedding dress to fusion the concept of European immigration and the native flower. ‘Resilience’ will be a tribute to the spirit, courage and resilience of the indigenous Argentinean people, our migrants and the ties that bind us together.