Marta Simeón (Spain, 1982)

She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (2005). She specialized in Graphic Arts and studied various courses in Contemporary Engraving techniques at the Fundación Internacional de Grabado CIEC (Spain), Hogeschool Gent (Belgium) and at the International Center Kaus Urbino (Italy). She works as an artist and a creative guide, and is trained in Art Therapy (UPV Valencia and I Congreso Internacional de Arte Infantil de Granada). Since 2006 she has worked as a creative guide and artist both in Valencia, her native city, and in Morocco, where she has lived since 2012 to date. She has currently moved to the city of Buenos Aires.

"Extramuros" Art gallery Rosa Santos, Spain; Marché du livre de Mariemont, Royal Museum of Mariemont, Belgium; Salon du livre petite édition, Grand Lyon, France; "Urbino- Miasto Grafiki", Lodz, Poland; 8 Triennale de Chamelieres Mondial de l'Estampe et de la gravure originale, Chamalieres, France; 1st Biennial of Casablanca, Morocco; Faces and Houses, Galerie Empreinte, Morocco; Biennial of Marrakech 2016

Awards and residencies:
Ideas in Process, Galeria 9 and Real Atarazanas of Valencia, Spain; Residence Studio AlFaRa gràfica, Salamanca, Spain; Residence in Casa del Arte, Casablanca, Morocco; International Art Residence Ifitry, Morocco.

Marta Simeón



29.11.2016 to 23.12.2016

Marta Simeon is a Spanish artist who through her constant travels and stays in artistic residences or workshops in Europe and Africa has achieved a strong formation in engraving, painting, illustration and artistic reflection.

During her time in ‘ace she is doing research on a technical level by learning a new technique for her as silk-aquatint and on a theoretical level on the idea of ​​"monster" or "monstrous", being the visual and literary arts of our country a great inspiration.

I am interested in the figuration that is presented directly and hidden, surpassed by the division and articulation of pictorial spaces, like the sequence of a dream. The images appear as inventories of an idea of ​​nature and the very nature of the mind, while it stores images, recreates them and transforms them. The clashes between the autonomy of painting / drawing and my own experience, between the images in which I identify myself, the images of the unconscious and the new images for my brain. I recreate successively in the same subjects in a symbolic way, because for me the subjects change as my memory adds images and serve as a testimony to this process. That is why my themes encompass a basic imaginary: people, animals, trees, houses and what I call "being" (being indefinable / animism). They are usually intertwined, creating different readings, with sometimes invisible but for my profound ... as my concept of habitat /house/nature/tree .... Or references to mythologies and ancestral cultures in the mixture of animals: centaurs, sirens, winged dogs, etc. The theme is a way of maintaining a point of attention for the emergence of the new. The same issues dealt with in my Mediterranean environment differ in Valencian in form, color and techniques in relation to those made in my last place of residence, Morocco; Although you can see a continuity / essence in the treatment, graphic search and style.