Manuel Jaén 
City of Panamá, Panamá.

2012 Masters in high education. ISAE,Panamá.
1998 Bachelor in painting. Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Milán, Italy.
1996 Diploma in publicity. Ateneo Artístico 3A. Milán, Italy.

1996 to 2004. General Manager from MJ GRAPHICS in Panamá. 
He is currently working as a professor in graphic design in the Universidad de Artes Ganexa.

2015 PERFILES, Group exhibition, Casa Góngora, Panamá, Casco Antiguo.
2014 MIS PARAJE COGNITIVOS, Casa Góngora, Panamá, Casco Antiguo.
1990 LOGOS, Exposición Internacional de Arte Contemporánea, a cura de la Asociación Cultural.
Internacional Beatrice d’Este, Milano. Cdad de Varsallo, Sessia, Palacio de Adda, Italia.
1990 AMAZZONIA, Galleria Gothic, Plaza Roma, 25 Mandello del Lario, Como, Italy.

Manuel Jaén



21.11.2016 to 25.11.2016

Manuel Jaén (Panama) is a visual artists, specialised in Graphic Design and is at 'ace developing a micro-residency.


For me, art is a revelation: it deciphers me, captivates me and above all, it teaches me.

My work is a search for new archetypes that are always proposed in their own context. That is why it unfolds through simplicity and rhythmic transcendence. New media is also part of this quest within cultural language.

In my opinion the points of reference of art in its conception are developed from the sum of cultural baggage, but the most important in this process is the recognition of art as a way to transmit of knowledge.

The use of a language is significant because the signs evoke a meaning or define a perception but they do not always reveal the content and in addition many respond to visual preconceptions; others are products of pure perception, because we are the architects of the meaning of what we see or want to see.

The essence of figuration is for me, in part, product of a mental pattern. The interpretation of visual signs is in some way the codification of said pattern.