Lynn Sondag
St Louis, Missouri,1968

Currently lives in San Francisco. She earned her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and MFA from California College of the Arts. She is an Associate Professor of art at Dominican University of California in Marin County. 

Her paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally at both private galleries and public exhibition spaces.  She presents on her creative practice as both an artist and educator at national/international conferences and has been awarded residency fellowships in Germany, India, Italy, and Denmark.

Lynn Sondag


The Plaza

11.12.2017 to 22.12.2017

Lynn Sondag’s work encompasses a passion and commitment to strengthening the relationship between the arts and community engagement. In addition to a strong and diverse background in arts education and community-engaged art. 

In Buenos Aires she developed an Exploration residency during the last two weeks of 2017. She  focused in touring through some green areas and public spaces of the city such as  Los Andes Park, Barrancas de Belgrano, Mafalda Square and the Rosegarden where she made sketches. After that she stayed in the studio working in watercolours in different formats (some as artist book) where she translated all the impressions she had from the visited places. Lynn’s watercolours generate deep, multilayered and some almost estranging atmospheres.  

My art captures discoveries revealed when I immerse myself in a vibrant natural, historical, and/or cultural landscape. I seek out and explore places and situations that have the potential to connect people with one another and their environments both across time and within a present moment. Walking paths, streets, trails, and plazas become a point of departure for wandering and discovering unique historical, cultural, social and ecological narratives. 
The more we get to know a place and its unique stories, the more we strengthen our relationship to it. This inspires me to imagine ways in which art can elevate the significance of a location and community by highlighting histories, people, cultures, and physical qualities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Through this inquiry, I design and create art projects that emphasize and leverage craft, aesthetic beauty, and creative process to form long lasting and positive relationships between people and the communities and environments they live in. 
Being an artist and arts educator is a life commitment fuelled by the positive effects art can have in our lives and communities. I seek out and create opportunities where arts and culture can advocate for creative expression and dialogue in order to achieve more equitable and just conditions for all people.