Lou Piche
Canada. Lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Montreal, with a focus on silkscreen printing and engraving.

2017 “Small works 2017”, Trestle Gallery & Trestle Art Space, Brooklyn, NY;
2016 “Tara Da-Da”, International Miniature Digital Printing Exhibition XI, Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle, Ottawa, CA; 
International Print Exhibit : 1983 ROC, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan; 
Art Against War, Triennial International Art Triennial, Majdanek State Museum (former concentration camp), Lublin, Poland; 
Art Auction, CSAM (Comité Sida Aide Montreal), Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, CA; 
Art Gallery, Quimper, France; 
Galerie Guilde graphique, Montreal, CA; 

Some of my prints are part of the reference book "L'estampe originale au Québec - 1980-1990".

Louise Piche


Through The Screens

29.03.2019 to 26.04.2019


My project in Buenos Aires investigates this disconnection between anticipated images and real views of the city. It is part of a longer series where I wish to look at many cultures and their relationship to their own images. This project is about examining how we experience reality through our screens (mobile devices, tablets, and more). 

My artistic approach centers around juxtaposing or contrasting images seen before arriving to a new site (images of anticipation, clichés, stereotypes) with real sites or places. How are reality and culture currently twisted or embellished, or even distorted by screens? How are Instagram, Facebook or tourist site on the web shaping our expectations?

This reflection is the result of a pictorial research that began many years ago, when I was already thinking about the phenomenon of distortion or illusion of reality seen on the screen, the screen that was television at the time. Now with all the devices we have, whether it is our iphone, ipad, or computer, we have to ask ourselves: what is reality?