Laura Parker. Atlanta, USA
Bachelor of Arts,  Multi-Media Communications, Mercer University Atlanta, Atlanta.
Masters of Arts, Psychology/Counseling, Georgia School of Professional Psychology, Atlanta.

“Abstract in Nature: From Shore to Shore” SoGlo Gallery, Brunswick USA. 2016
“It Has a Story”, McGuffey Center for the Arts, Charlottesville, VA USA. 2008

“New Beginnings”, Glynn Visual Arts, St. Simons Island, GA USA, 2016
“Trilogy: Body, Mind, Soul”, Marietta Arts Center, Marietta, GA USA, 2015
“Journeys: From Here, to There and Back Again”. Defoors Centre, Atlanta, USA 2013
X2, McGuffey Center for the Arts;  Charlottesville VA USA. 2008
“The Shape of Things”, Shadowline Artist Group, Defoors Centre; 
“Shape, Line, and Color”, Spruill Center for the Arts. Atlanta, USA 2006
“Cut, Torn, and Pasted”, Limelight Gallery. Atlanta, USA. 2005

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, USA, 2009

Laura Parker


Shared symbols

03.04.2017 to 12.04.2017

Raised in the city of Atlanta, she experienced great international exchange with Latin American artists and academic colleagues from Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America.  She is a mother, a studio mixed media painter, a singer/songwriter, and a psychotherapist. She has worked in her practice with youth, adults, and families, using art as a healing tool.  She is drawn to work on the grid as a modern painter, and travels to Argentina and Uruguay to study the Constructivist movement and School of the South. 


Wherever I go, I look for images and objects that may hold composition potential. There are so many shapes, shadows, and lines to be captured on any given day. I actively look for these images wherever I may be. Concrete walls, power lines, scrap metal materials, construction sites, and abandoned buildings offer magical composition ideas. Nature offers the same. I look among trees, rocks, clouds, and bodies of water for form and composition.

I typically photograph or sometimes sketch these images. I ‘feel’ the compositions for rhythm and harmony, just as I would when writing a music composition. I set out to transfer these images to canvas, paper, wood, and glass with paint, collage, and mixed media materials. As an abstract painter, I move quickly and directly, ‘listening’ to the rhythm of the image. For me, it is about listening to the spiritual unconscious from deep within, when I am creating. That is where I feel the true creativity. The final outcome of the piece remains secondary to the journey of the creative process. It is in the process that I find myself and in turn, find the finished piece.