Production and curatorial work
Agustín Rincón Méndez and
Daniela Ruíz Moreno

Cugeeno (Germany)
Mariela Cantú (Argentina) 
Gonzalo Escobar Mora (Colombia) 
Sana Ghobbeh (Iran) 
Paula Herrera (Argentina) 
Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan) 
Ceci Leiva (Argentina) 
Dirk Meinzer (Alemania) 
Leyla Rodriguez (Germany) 
Alexander Storey Gordon (United Kingdom) 
Müge Yidiz (Turkey) 
Takayuki Yoshida (Japan) 

A. Rincón Mendez | D. Ruiz Moreno


Larga vida a la nueva carne


Larga vida a la nueva carne is a project conceived and developed by Agustín Rincón Méndez and Daniela Ruiz Moreno that proposes the public space as a platform to explore the pedagogic possibilities of the video related to the body and its becoming in the posdemocratic context. It questions about the consequences of the transformation of flesh into image. The New Flesh implies a body that more than being trespassed by language, is pure language. From that point, we can explore the contradictions of this way of existence in a material and urban reality. 
We ask about the collective experience of the living, about the relationship between the the abstract and the concrete and the tension between personal emotions and the transformation of the social landscape. LVNC has the intention to become a link between different visions and spaces of contemporary art. The idea of a formless project, without a specific core, breaks out of marginality to sketch the differences among the institutions/subjects involved. With the assertion that the themes in play- the human body, the city and digital reality- are themes that involve all and everything.