Kelly Monico
1980 USA

2005 MFA from the University of Denver

She is currently an associate professor of art at Metropolitan State University of Denver where she teaches in the Department of Art. 

Craft Tech/Coded Media at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art,
Design After Dark presented by the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum,
URB11 at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland. 

Banff Artist Centre;
Arteles in Hammenkryo, Finland;
Elsewhere in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Kelly Monico



05.08.2019 to 09.08.2019

Kelly Monico is a visual artist and designer who recontextualizes aspects of the everyday experience. Her artwork explores notions of identity, objectivity and modes of representation. She often draws on the use of recording, documentation and patterning as a means to investigate and better understand human behavior.

Kelly did a micro-Residency at ´ace, where she began her pre-production work of taking pictures, selecting images, building graphic scripts and editing to structure her project “Amphibiology”.

Interested in researching and developing an animation that is specific to its location and context, Kelly took pictures to generate and create abstract geographical landscapes that represent the city. Fascinated by the architecture and the urban landscape of Buenos Aires, she juxtaposed these with the landscapes of Denver and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado—and through this research she hopes to point out the cultural differences and similarities between the two places.