Buenos Aires, 1980.
Graphic Designer, UBA. UBA teacher for 10 years.
He works as senior motion graphics designer on FOX Channel.

2016 - "Cuatro palitos en el pozo" - Hollywood in Cambodia; "Migraciones” - Sacha Mistol Art Hotel, Cordoba. / 2015 - "BAP 2015 Bienal de Arte y Pintura" - Chaco ;  "Rastro urbano" - Casa A  ; "Circuito del Arte" - MAR Museum /  2014 "Boards & Art Exhibition" - Darwin Palermo ; "Para todos los ciudadanos..." - Espacio Cetol; "Sudas" - Albarellos Club; "Elixir Cromático" - Casa A; "Máscaras" - La Casa del Árbol/2013 - "Reyes Oscuros" - Imaginario Cultural; "Animales Domésticos" - Arquitecturas Imaginarias; "Gilda" - Cusca Rusín; Que caras!" - Imaginario Cultural¡ / 2012 - "Tito" - La Casona; "Rocío #2" - Abra Pampa; "Grite!" - Lo de Julio ; "Así te veo #2" - Antidomingo 

José Saccone


Mind, Body and Soul

22.08.2016 to 26.08.2016

José Saccone, an artist from Buenos Aires, made a micro-residency at 'ace in which he embarked on an artistic project that put into play various symbols of the oriental culture through woodcut, a discipline that handles with great skill .

Saccone is an artist and graphic designer and is in search of focusiung his artistic work towards contemporary art questions and leave the need for "functionality" that imposes graphic design.


The project that was conceived in ace was aimed firstly, to generating set pieces controlled randomly, more linked to mathematics than to personal choices. Second, it had to do with the creation of the symbol. Before starting with the work I had establish some groundwork:

The syllogism:
1.The human being is set by Mind, Body and Spirit.
2.The word is represented by Spot, Meaning and Interpretation.
3.The man was created in the image and likeness of God.
4.The word man was created in his image and likeness.
5.The man invents the word to understand its creator.

The depth that the work aims to achieve lies more on chance than on provocation or on the put to action of a mathematical mystic-like mechanism as I Ching. If there’s anything that this project clearly wants is to set the rules of the game, not to interpret them.

In a way, I like to think that each of us can be represented by a symbol which, in turn, shows our qualities through an abstract image. The symbol that represents us is unique because it is configured with our personal data.