Jesús Román
1978. Santiago de Chile, Chile

2017 Master of Arts, focus in Visual Arts, Universidad de Chile
2003 Bachelor of Arts, focus in Visual Arts,  Universidad de Chile

2017 Domo, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Valdivia
2015 Franked 0.15. Madrid, Spain
Forum of the Arts, Casa Central,  Universidad de Chile
2013 Hand-Invoice, La Moneda Centro Cultural, Santiago, Chile
2012 Interior Garden, Space Cabinet of Dr. Sazié

2016 Penar, Space Hand of Nun MdM, Valparaíso, Chile
Site (In) Specific, ESI Gallery
2012 Surface Aesthetics, Art Room CCU

2015 FONDART Open Window, National Contest Line of Support
2011 FONDART Metropolitan Region with the Aesthetics of the surface project

Jesus Roman


Objectual ...

21.08.2018 to 14.09.2018


In 2016 I made an exhibition entitled "PENAR". It consisted of a series of pieces that were made having as reference medieval paintings like "Triptych with the Cross of Christ". The dichotomy (heavy / light) is one of the conceptual and visual axes that this exhibition proposed. In this sense, the fold, formed by a "textile" made of pvc covered with sequins, is the materiality that accounts for this dichotomy.
From this point I want to resume my research and therefore what I would like to elaborate in this residency. I am interested in working in relation to concepts such as weight, layers, superposition, movement, organism, duplicity.
Considering all these factors my project would consist in the realization of a series of small scale objects where the materialities would be sequins and pvc, threads, silk ribbons, lace, etc. I would also like to include other materials such as wires and/or metal objects, glass, plastics, acrylics, etc. that help to give structure to the objects. In order to cross, embed, adhere and assemble "codes" of different origins that are coherent with each other in terms of creating objects/autonomous beings and at the same time interdependent with each other as well as a living system. I am interested in transmitting a certain organicity in objects, a some kind of animality or carnality at the same time as subtlety and lightness.