Jae Min Kim Seoul, South Korea (1967)
MFA in Media arts from Yonsei University and BA in Theatre & Film from Dankook University. Currently, he works as a Art Director at M and a lecturer at the Korea National University of Arts.

Hun Gallery(NY), Incheon Art Platform, H Gallery , CGV ScreenX, Seoul Art Space HongEun, Vurt, Seoul Innovation Center, Culture Station Seoul284, Jungdabang Gallery.

He is selected for the Rising Artist &Next Generation Director from Arts Council Korea. He won the prize Promising Artist award by from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and This Year’s Young Theatre Artist from Seoul Theater Festival.

Incheon Art Platform, Seoul Art Space HongEun

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This residency has been possible thanks to the generous support of:


Jae Min Kim


Tableau Vivant

16.08.2016 to 02.09.2016

In August ' acePIRAR, the Artist in Residence International Program receives the multimedia artist Jae Min Kim (South Korea). This is the second artist-in-residence from Korea, being this very important for the program as it means broadening our scope in Asia as well as our knowledge about Korean culture and art.

Kim is a theatre director and media artist and he heads two theatrical troops: "Spider Company" and "M". His works range on various genres such as SF and Korean traditional performance. In the visual art field he looks forward to expand the practices between different artistic preactices and specially among theathre and media art as well as the way to interfere with the exhibition format.


My project’s title Tableau Vivant, means “living picture” is a media art project that combines photography and videography. It is based on the placeness, the overlapping temporalities in massive photographic images, using it as a screen and accepting it at the same time in the term of proscenium. Through video projection mapping on the image, the project gains new life.

Tableau Vivant’s process is similar to theatrical directing; project’s placeness, mediality, and theatricality can refer to the work of actors direction or scenography itself. It draws meditational landscape through the awareness of conscious/unconscious memories. One can place its own message in relation to the project’s purpose, arriving to another unexpected meaning.

Below: Jae Min Kim working in Buenos Aires city at Parque de la Memoria (Memorial Park).August, 2016