Isabel Rosemblatt Bono was born in Santiago de Chile in 1984. She graduated as Bachelor in Visual Art from UNIACC University in 2007. In 2008 she won the Presidente de la República scholarship that allowed her to get a MFA with mention in Photography, Video and New Media at the School of Visual Arts of New York, in 2010. 

General Consulate of Chile in New York, in 2010 and in the gallery of UNIACC's Art, in 2007.

Art and Digital Technologies 1.0 and 2.0 inn 2011 and 2012, at the Telefónica Foundation of Chile, a video and animation show Ojo Mudo, at L'équitable café, Marseille, France, Animaexperimenta at the Visual Arts Museum of Santiago, in 2011, Keep it short: The One-Minute Film Festival of  New York in 2010, the Biennial of Video and New Media of Santiago in 2007. 

I. Rosemblatt Bono


Interrupted Poetry

07.01.2013 to 25.01.2013

Emerging Chilean artist Isabel Rosemblatt Bono arrives to the residency with a project that investigates inter-personal connections to social networks as well as seeks interaction with viewers. During January she will be touring the city at the time that post comments in Twitter .


Interrupted Poetry, the project that I want to develop during the residence, seeks to occupy the way of the social networks to take on the one hand the art to the common and current user, that would be able to reach with an Internet connection to be a part of the art work and also to take the social networks to the art space, inviting to the viewers that come to the gallery to take with them throw the Internet a part of the artwork.  

My intention is to be able to take this project with the residency to work all day in it, writing and searching stories and images own of the place to describe them poetically. I would love to stop for a while to observe the environment, to feel it, to watch the people and how they interact with the place and with others. I think that now day and with the speed in which everything moves have lost largely the taste for the simple observation and in turn for the reading. 

Also I look in my work that the works could of certain form interact with the spectator, in this case the spectator might interact with the site that him appears where the live texts would appear of twitter, allowing them to accede to previous texts or being able to update what he is reading. This way it puts in addition in evidence on the “instant” of the networks in which the user can be reading simultaneously that I am writing and moving for the city, this one being able of certain form follow the tour that I realize.