para el Arte Contemporáneo is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to encourage all kinds of initiatives and activities related to contemporary art,being educational, artistic or social. It looks forward artists' professional development, promoting the generation of ideas and innovative practices and international cultural exchange together with the development of values through art in the local community.

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12.02.2020 to 29.02.2020

Fundación´ace opens the XI call for its Internship Program and invites the application of professionals or advanced students who want to join our team as interns-in-residence. After its completion, the certificate granted serves as background to fill vacancies in the National State offices.

Within our International Artistic Residency Program, we are developing plans to expand the reach and deepen public participation in all our activities and events. Interns are an important part of our organization, and with them we seek to make an exchange that gives them the possibility of working together with artists, curators, managers and art professionals both national and international, and also to gain experience in non-profit and arts management, while at the same time they will benefit from a local and international network of contacts.



What do we need? Students or graduates of the Communication, Arts, Art History, Art Critic and related careers, with initiative and proactivity. Interest in contemporary art, ease of words, ability to write and edit texts, good personal skills with artists in residence and teamwork. Fluent in English and Spanish languages (excluding).

What we provide? Permanent contact with contemporary art production in different mediums and languages, working in collaboration with national and international artists, participating in a team made up of art professionals, the chance to get involved in the communication of projects in the making, free participation in all of Fundación´ace's activities, professional guidance and letter of recommendation after the end of the period.

Agreement time frame:

from March 9 to May 08, 2020

10 to 16 hours a week, days and times to be agreed within the operating hours of Fundación´ace (Monday to Friday from 10 to 18hs).


a. The call will be open from February 12 and closes on February 29, 2020 at 24 hours.
b. The volunteer will join the Fundación´ace team according to the dates specified above.
c. Interns that may apply:
- any nationality, legally living in Argentina
- can be part of the project and fulfill the required hours.

To register, complete the REGISTRATION FORM until February 29, 2020, 12PM.

Those interested in supporting this project by virtue of volunteers will carry out their action from the conception of volunteering: “natural persons who develop, by their free determination in a free, altruistic and solidary way tasks of general interest for the organization without receiving remuneration , salary or any economic consideration ”(Law 25855 Social Volunteering, Art 3º).