Digital & Graphic

The group of investigation dx5 digital and graphic art research is created in 2004 by Jose Antonio Castro Muñiz (Kako Castro), assigned to the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine arts of the University of Vigo. In the middle of the year 2006, Ana Soler Baena assumes together the labors of co-direction and coordination of the group.

Anne Heyvaert
José Andrés Santiago
Marina Núñez
Elena lapeña
Sheila Pazos

Soler & Castro


Injected Print


The introduction of the new technologies in the industry of the graphical arts and his applications inside the Fine arts, they show a reality of interest and investigation. Inside this area the study of the relation is located between Art and Technology, and all that that it has to see with what has been named as Digital Print.

It penetrates into the precise and detailed knowledge, of the technology of impression inkject, from the chemistry of the pigmentary materials and his supports, up to the functioning of the machine of impression and plotters, to extend the possibilities that it has the artists of generating images.

This book also dedicates a big part to the paper itself, its history, manufacture and components. It tries to show across the images realized with electronic microscope, which is the current importance of the paper with coverings for digital impression, facts to optimize the impression piezoeléctrica.

Of this exhaustive investigation there is born this book that compiles texts and works of knowledgeable artists of the digital area, treats of his experiences with means of current impression and technical and practical aspects.