Juan Ignacio Coronel (1990) is from Cordoba, Argentina. 
He is currently studying Bachelor in Printmaking in the Faculty of Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. In the last years he has participated of numerous drwaing, painting, serigraphy and printmaking courses, in creative experimentation and education workshops as well.

Juan Coronel



15.07.2013 to 19.07.2013

After participating in the intensive workshop ( ) Photo-Graphica, Juan Coronel stayed on ace for a micro-residence.

As an student of National University of Cordoba, during their week in 'ace Coronel primarily aims to investigate and experiment with various printmaking techniques such as waterless- photolithography and the photopolymer etching. The experience of being an artist in residence and work in a professional environment will enhance the formation of this future artist who is seen as a dedicated researcher, curious of the expressive possibilities that this discipline can give to his future art works.