Ian Ballantyne
1991. Columbus, Ohio, US

2018 China Academy of Art Master of Printmaking
2014 Columbus Collage of Art and Design Bachelors of Fine Arts

During his education he taught himself animation under a pseudonym and has been working as an artist and freelance animator.

Australia, China, Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the United States. His animation has been shown through Videotage HK and has appeared at ClockenFlap.

2016 Arrowmont in Tennessee. USA
2014-2018 China Government Scholarship 

Ian Ballantyne




Ian Ballantyne mostly creates prints and animations. Focusing on repetition and reassembly, he has seen the process of making and the moment of interpretation to be the driving forces behind his work.

Statement on POLO

POLO is a documented series of mono prints shown as a stop-motion animation. The piece depicts the subject riding a chair while focusing on certain repetitive moments of their gallop around the screen. This repetition mimics the action of the printing process and the plate responsible for making the images, which the viewer catches glimpses of throughout the animation. The imagery, coupled with the sound of the gallop and breath of a Crillo, attempt to add grace and power to an otherwise mundane action.

The video is part of an installation with the 200 prints that compose the piece.