Ian Ballantyne
1991. Columbus, Ohio, US

2018 China Academy of Art Master of Printmaking
2014 Columbus Collage of Art and Design Bachelors of Fine Arts

During his education he taught himself animation under a pseudonym and has been working as an artist and freelance animator.

Australia, China, Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the United States. His animation has been shown through Videotage HK and has appeared at ClockenFlap.

2016 Arrowmont in Tennessee. USA
2014-2018 China Government Scholarship 

Ian Ballantyne



26.11.2018 to 21.12.2018

Ian Ballantyne mostly creates prints and animations. Focusing on repetition and reassembly, he has seen the process of making and the moment of interpretation to be the driving forces behind his work.

His prints and animations pull from daily events and stories that he collects from the people and environments around him. These moments are drawn and researched through heavy proofing, reworking and exposition of his prints, and by his use of the ".gif" medium as the primary form of interacting with his animation.
The proof as a documentary piece allows Ian to lay the transformation and abstraction of one of his subjects and gives the viewer a chance to explore this process for themselves, or to meditate on a specific moment in the history of the image. This chance to view the print as a sum of its process echos a fundament of animation's call on images to work together to create something coherent from its separate parts. It is this relationship between animation and printmaking that Ian has been exploring as he asked the format of the orthodox print and time-based media.