Bagé, RS, Brazil. Lives and works in Porto Alegre.
Visual Artist, Professor and researcher at the Federal  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)/ Instituto de Artes (IA / DAV). Degree in Printmaking, Universidad Federal de Pelotas/Brazil. Specialization in the Scuola Internazionale d'Arte Grafica Il Bisonte Florence I / Italy. MSc and PhD in PPGAV / UFRGS and PPGAV Universidad Politécnica de Valencia UPV.

She has exhibited individually in Sala séc. XXI / Museo de Huelva, Spain. Museu da Gravura Brasileira FAT/URCAMP. IA/UFRGS. Museu de Arte Contemporânea MGS. Paço Municipal Porto Alegre. Salas Negras MARGS Porto Alegre and has held numerous group exhibitions in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and South Korea,

Scholarship Instituto Italo Latino Americano (IILA) / Specialization in Scuola Internazionale d'Arte Gráfica. CAPES / CNPq Master Grant (PPGAV IA UFRGS). PhD Scholarship Polytechnic Universidad Politécnica de Valencia UPV Spain.

Sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy

Helena Kanaan



30.01.2017 to 24.02.2017

Brazilian artist Helena Kanaan develops her work by investigating the printed art with focus on the multiple, double, the matrix and its transference as well as the possibilities of the graphic matter. For this, she uses lithography, frotagge, stamps and monotypes. Through these procedures, she introduces into its operational repertoire the concepts of accumulation and provisionality. During the month of February, inaugurating our residences, now 4 weeks long, Helena brings this experience of working with the process to the 'ace 'workshops.


The project "Provisional Spaces" is intended to be a work that expresses something that is in transit. Printed Art and its many possibilities. Multiple images, objectifying the variation, contemplating the diversity of interventions in a "matrix" doing, a movement of transference. The experience with the technique and the intrinsic matricity will be the beginning of a reflection on the temporalities and spatialities that constitute the place, taking into account the mode of installation and the situation of a being in a country that is not the one of the artist. Low weight papers with variable opacities will vehicle compositions with frotagge, stamps, monotype and other techniques.