Guillermo Mena
1986. Los Cóndores, Córdoba. Argentina.
Lives and works in Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Superior Technician in Visual Arts from the Provincial School of Fine Arts Líbero Pierini 
Graphic Designer, Business University Siglo 21, Río Cuarto. Córdoba.
2012 He was selected by the Art Boomerang Federal Program for the Arts, directed by curator Daniel Fischer, in Córdoba Capital, where he later took analysis clinics with Rodrigo Alonso, Claudia del Río, Lucas Di Pascuale, Verónica Gómez and Tomás Espina. 
2017 He participated in the PAC Project of the Gachi Prieto Gallery. Buenos Aires 

2016 Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Museum. Córdoba.

2017 Creation Grant from the National Fund for the Arts in the City of Buenos Aires.
2016 won the Mural Contest of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UNC, the National University of Córdoba.

Guillermo Mena


Redundant and unrecoverable...

26.11.2018 to 30.11.2018

Through a fellowship of Fundación 'ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, Argentinean artist Guillermo Mena produced a mural in the Transversal Space within a micro-residency.


My work has a nostalgic, stormy, sometimes oppressive atmosphere.I am intrigued by the processes and procedures that attempt to destroy something. I am interested in the consequence or effect of what remains damaged; the phenomena, real or imaginary, that can end in a violent destruction of places, moments or memories. Starting essentially from drawing processes, I reflect on the idea of personal origin and the emotional and symbolic content of the materials. I take drawings, photographs and videos of personal files to distort them. I deteriorate its initial state by transforming the images. Accident and failure appear as a result of cumulative repetitive actions.