Gabriela Pugliotti
1970, Chaco, Argentina.
Lives in Tigre, Buenos Aires
Costume Designer UBA

2019  “Textile Practices“
2017 Casa Globo  “Territories” series of digital drawings

2016 Art Medellín, series of textile tapistry and little format embroidery on paper  
2015 Buenos Aires Photo – Participation in the project “Divine Beauty” by Gaby Herbstein with a hand-knitted embroidey on dress
2014 – Participation in project “States of Consciousness” by Gaby Herbstein, winner of the Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2015 and Gold Medal in the Fine Arts category – hand knitted paper piece.
2012 Group shows: Belgrano University–Mention, work of embroidery on paper | Allianz Foundation–Mention, work of embroidery and ink on paper

Gabriela Pugliotti



03.06.2019 to 07.06.2019


This project seeks to generate a body of work by interweaving expanded artistic practices that involve painting, drawing and sewing with a sewing machine, this integrating crafts and arts.

A series of papers and textile pieces will be produced by the interaction with graphite, acrylic and textile textures embroidered with a sewing machine, using a technique called “free foot”, which implies moving the needle in all possible directions as the hand would do with a pencil or a brush, placing the thread as a line on the plane.