Gabriela Agüero
1973, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Orientation in Engraving and Printed Art, IUNA
1998 National Prof. of Engraving, Esc Nac. Of Fine Arts P. Pueyrredón IUNA
1995 Master in Visual Arts, Esc Municipal de Bellas Artes Carlos Morel, Quilmes

His teachers were: Beccaría, Scannapiecco, Santander, N Villarreal, G Buratti.
Scholarships with A Scavinno and A Díaz Rinaldi

2019 H C D Morón
2016 Zero Space
2010 and 2012 CPA Morón
2008 French Alliance, Flores | Munic Morón
2007 HCD Morón | SAAP CABA
2006 CC L Marechal.Hurligham

2nd Prize Mini Print Cantabria, Spain, 2019
Special mention, CPA, Province of Buenos Aires 2017
2nd Grab Artvilo Award
2nd Mention, ANBA, Bonifacio del Carril Award, 2012
Mention Monocopy LIII Salon M Belgrano 2008
1st Mention Engraving: Munic San Fernando Room
1st Engraving Award, SAAP. 2006
Unique Mention: Hall A V P Pueyrredón. 2005

Gabriela Agüero



27.01.2020 to 31.01.2020


Rust are vestiges, and vestiges are, in short, what makes it possible to reconstruct something from the past.

This project arose from the production obtained in a long photographic journey made as a search for an image and an identity of its own.
On that path, I took pictures of rusted, abandoned ships in an attempt to stop the inevitable passage of time, to rescue the forgotten and to find a new beauty.
In order to carry out this project, I seek to reflect and deepen the meanings of these actions. Perform a new image search, build and deconstruct, assemble and disassemble as if you were playing with a puzzle, incorporate objects and imprints into the work.