Florencia Nieto
1982. Argentina
Argentine visual and research artist.
She began her artistic education at the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts and received a degree in Visual Arts at the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino.

Within her interests and investigations are topics such as the poetics of everyday life and crosses between art and literature.
Director and co-founder of the Allaria-Nieto curatorial project, Espacio Paraguay, city of Bs As.

2016- "EllaNoraél" Solo exhibition, Espacio PARAGUAY, CABA, Arg.
2015. "Travessías: crossings between Africa, Brazil and Argentina" collective exhibition, Embassy of Brazil in Arg.
2013 - Selected to participate with “Cuerpos traducidos“ by the MuBaTa, Museo Nacional de Tres Arroyos.

Florencia Nieto


Thorns also...

30.05.2018 to 12.06.2018


In front of the silent sheet I make the first cut, the configuration of that vast territory is bankrupt. In front of my eyes I observe that there is no return, after the first spine rises there is no turning back, the damage is done. I can only move forward. Thorns also grow in the silence, it is an exercise of introspection that builds through cutting the paper a universe at times painful, for others disturbing. A stubborn and methodical exercise that ends with the result of a papel that acquires body and time, which stands in space affecting who approaches it.
The bristling paper lodges under its body, of lights and shadows, intentions that reminds us of Gastón Bachelard: at the bottom of the matter grows a dark vegetation; in the night of the matter they black flowers bloom. They already bring their velvet and the formula of their perfumes.

Florencia Nieto

Florencia Nieto’s project was selected through the “Semillero” open call and its exhibition opened in the 'aceNITE of May 30th, 2018.