Held biannually in museums, cultural centers and art venues throughout Argentina, the Festival de la Luz presents exhibitions by national and international artists working in the medium of photography. The event also serves as an international meeting place for photographers, curators, critics, collectors and directors interested in the role of the photographic image as a means of artistic, cultural and social relevance.

Argentina’s Festival de la Luz is a part of a collaboration of 27 festivals on five continents, in Aleppo, Atlanta, Ballarat, Bamako, Braga, Brasilia, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, Derby, Cracovia, Houston, Kaunas, Lodz, Luxemburgo I, Luxemburgo II, México, Montreal, Moscú, Odense, Paris, Portland, Porto Alegre, Tampere, Tenerife, Thessaloniki and Toronto.

We thank Pato Parodi for the photos of the ace'nite! 

Festival de la luz


XVII Encuentros Abiertos


Fundacion ´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo has been invited to join the XVII Open Meetings -Festival of Light 2012. Under the theme of "The Passion" the 2012 edition of this event underscores a vast topic that allows visual exploration because it evokes the image of love, obsession, fanaticism, or even of pure madness and is one of the most intense human beings´emotions.

Curated by Alicia Candiani, the Foundation'ace together with ´acePIRAR (International Artisti-in- Residence Program) presents four exhibitions that highlight the theme of the Passion from various perspectives and affinities, among them, two photographers who are also displaying their work iat the biennial official selection.

 "Sacred Dances" by Emmanuel Santos (Australia)

Official Selection, sponsored by the Embassy of Australia. Políglota Hall

And the  associate exhibitions:

"By the Force of Blood" by Erika Diettes (Colombia)

 "No Expiration Date" of Cesar Damian (Mexico)

"The Passion According to Jiménez" Micaela Trocello (Cordoba, Argentina)

Organized as a visual counterpoint theme, the exhibition "Sacred Dances" by Emmanuel Santos (exhibition in the offical selection with "Sandugo: a Pact of Blood"  will be in dialogue with "The Passion According to Jiménez" by the young artist Micaela Trocello. Both body of work focus on the theme of dance and dancing in segregated communities and social groups: while Santos captures a sacred ceremony in the  Aurukun community in Australia, and its passion for the preservation of its spirit and traditions, Trocello´s photographs investigating passion in the lyrics of Cordoba`s  cuartetos and the representation of women through them.

Meanwhile, in the Central Hall and the Mezzanine, Erika Diettes of Colombia (artist invited to the festival's official selection with "Shrouds") set to "By the Force of Blood" another dialogue with the installation "No Expiration Date" of the artist Mexican Cesar Damian. Both photographers work poetically with water (which carries  things and brings everything clean) and the memory of the disappeared in Colombia and Argentina, representing the Passion in a direction of intense suffering.