Fernando Francisco Hierro

1981. Argentina

Visual Artist, Cultural Manager and Student of the Bachelor in Arts (FFyL, UBA). He has participated in artistic and management projects, individually and in groups in Scandinavia, Central America and Buenos Aires.

Individual Exhibitions
2014 "CORTES / CUTS", Installation and Discussion, Ministry of Art and Culture. The Savior.
2011 "CUTS", Installation, Ocampo Gallery, Malmö and in Ariman Gallery, Lund (Sweden)
2008 "Closed Bodies", Café Banjo, Malmö. Sweden

Group Exhibitions
2017 International Self-Portrait Exhibition of Chitre, Panama; Editorial Project B612, "Draw Me a Little Prince", Alianza Francesa, El Salvador; Solidarity for Peace, Sala de Exposiciones Salarrué. The Savior.
2016 Collaboration in the BESO performance, cycle "Juventear" Paco Urondo Cultural Center (FFyL UBA), and the "Exhaust Performance" cycle, UNA, Esp. Belgrado; 200 SACRED CRY, Artist's book on the Declaration of Independence of Arg., Borde-Tucumán Gallery and Borges Cultural Center, Bs As.
2013 Homage to Leon Ferrari, CC Paco Urondo, University of BA.

Since 2016 he is a member of the Free Chair of Art, History and Society, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Univ. Of Buenos Aires.

Fernando Hierro



02.11.2017 to 15.11.2017

Fernando Hierro was one of the selected artists through the Semillero 2017 call. He presented the installation EXCERCISES during the 'aceNITE of November 2nd together with Santiago Ocampo's project "Traces", Caleb Jamel Brown (USA) artist in residence, Elinor Peiretti (Argentina) and the [Espacio en Blanco] group show. 

EXERCISES [on vinyl gloves] 

The possibility of building a work on the reflection of a practice in the becoming of traveling, is the axis of the present installation. EXERCISES groups and visualizes six years of production in trials, errors and intermittences characteristic of changing residence between Scandinavia, Central America and Buenos Aires. Through the synopsis as a resource, I try to link themes such as migration, notions of identity and the circulation of discursive constructions, which make visible tensions between local and global dynamics.

It is worth mentioning that the present proposal is part of my research and visual exploration platform entitled CORTES / CUTS, opportunely exhibited in two facilities in Sweden (2011) and in El Salvador (2014).
The exhibited work is part of a larger body of work that includes: sketches, ephemeral drawings, photographic records, objects, texts and geometric interventions on the wall, which intersect the phenomenal, the epistemological and the topological. Articulated in brief textual reviews under the following headings: i) Search exercise, ii) Exercise on vinyl gloves, iii) Exercise on a snowball and iv) Arm and disarm exercises.