Esperanza Grez Binimelis
Santiago de Chile, Chile. 1992

2016, Visual Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Exhibitions and fairs
Marcos Bonta Contest, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile
Art fair FAXXI 2015.

After his university studies, he has integrated both extension courses at the same university, wood sculpture I and II, and classes since 2016, with the Chilean sculptor Javier Opazo, parallel to this he has made independent projects in printmaking.

Esperanza Grez



12.03.2018 to 23.03.2018

María Esperanza creates a sculptural, photographic and printmaking work. During the last years she has worked each discipline separately and seeks to reach an articulation.
During her time in the ‘ace residency she will explore through the photolithographic technique on discarded materials, found in the streets of Buenos Aires or in the houses of other artists in residence of' ace. With the engravings she will make an installation to enter more into a spatial work.

The project starts from an observation of the city. Continuing one that I made in Santiago and entitled "naked city", which referred to the city in its construction stage and I am interested in developing this in other cities of South America. Buenos Aires is an iconic city within the region, in which I believe I understand situations similar to those in Chile.

I want to photograph the developing city, both its ports and its buildings, in order to generate an image that synthesizes comparatively what happens particularly in the large cities of our continent.