[Espacio en Blanco]

DATE: October 9th until November 3rd, 2017

OPEN CALL DEADLINE: September 21st.

Get the complete information by e-mailing us at info@proyectoace.org

Espacio en Blanco


Residency of ideas

10.08.2017 to 21.09.2017


During October 2017, the Polyglot Room of the Fundación ‘ace para el Arte Contemporáneo frames the void to give rise and foster reflection, the exchange of ideas and discussion.

For this, we invite artists, curators, photographers, students, researchers, writers, designers and creators in general who are looking for a place and an instance (space-time) of concentration to develop a project, writing, scaling from statism, sharing ideas, expanding the network, etc.

With the intention of generating synergies between people from different disciplines, contexts and (de) formations, we propose a new type of residence that will be self-built by its members, with their own dynamics. It is not a space for the production of material works (in the traditional sense of the term), but for writing, research, working with video, sound, etc.

We offer a scholarship for Argentineans under 35 years.

In order to receive the complete information of the residency [Espacio en Blanco] send as an e-mail to: info@proyectoace.org