Is an event that occurs periodically, on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm. During this time ´ace opens its doors and exhibition spaces to the community to show projects made by the artists in residence as exhibitions, installations and audiovisual presentations, art works of Argentine and Latin American artists selected in a free way through Fusionarte Contemporaneo, present books, art critics, hold performances or to do everything together!

4 x 4


End of Year


A new ‘ace NITE will gather us in this occasion to celebrate the end of 2012. This was a special year in which we received more than 25 national and international artists in residence and more than 20 invited Argentine artists who enriched us with their artistic and cultural diversity. Thanks to everyone for this wonderful year!

On Wednesday December 5th we invite you to  4x4, a new ´aceNITE in which we will show 4 international artists from USA, Brazil, Germany and Canada and 4 exhibitions. In the Central Hall will be exhbited "From a Corner of the Past" the work made by the artist in residence Beth Fein (USA) and in the Print Woshop the Open Studio of Alejandro Scasso (Argentina/Germany). We will also continue with the exhibitions "Brasil in the Collective Consciousness" by Amanda Coimbra (Brasil) and "The Book of Bustrophedon" by César Forero (Canada/Colombia).