Elinor Peiretti
1974, Córdoba, Argentina.

2004 Bachelor of Arts. University of Palermo. Buenos Aires, Arg.
2000 Technician in Social Communication. University Blas Pascal University. Córdoba, Arg.

Trained in photography with Ezequiel Ludueña, Gustavo King, Luciana Césari and Fernando Cortiglia. 
2000, Exhibition at Chateau Carreras Contemporary Art Center.
After winning a grant from the Service of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the Embassy of France, she spent a few months in Paris and then settled in Buenos Aires. 
Attended the Andy Goldstein Photography School. 
She attended revisions with Analía Piscitelli and Fabiana Barreda.
Collective exhibitions of Twitter Art Exhibit in USA and Norway. Solo exhibitions at La Compañía and Espacio CREA, Buenos Aires. In 2017, she was part of the Sublimación exhibition at ACE and the El Pliego International Project. 

Elinor Peiretti



09.10.2017 to 03.10.2017

Elinor Peiretti is an Argentine artist who works in an integral way the visual arts, the spiritual, astrological and energetic. She creates in a ritual and alchemical way, works that unite image and word.
In this production residence she developed the project "Portales", a project that continues in process and covers its internal transits as geographical displacements. Peiretti worked with photolithography and made an installation that was presented in the 'aceNITE of December, 2017. See the work here


On July 30, I received a letter, a letter written by me that returned to me the same day 17 years later. It was a letter with a suggestion: a trip in October. And suddenly in my life the possibility of that option arises and I accept the proposal, the magic and the game. And I start looking for images.

Internally, this project is the transition to a new stage, it speaks of changes, of possibilities, of journey, of another way of seeing and living life. Crossing the geographical borders and also your own, moving from one place to another of yourself.

Aesthetically speaking, this transition has been translated into images of doors and windows, lights and shadows, water, with a greater or lesser degree of abstraction. Old images also appear and I think that perhaps there is a dialogue with the past in a kind of transmutation of those images in new work. I am exploring overlays, different roles, web, and fundamentally sheets of books. At first I could not find the logic to justify the attraction, in this new work, of the images printed on book paper, then I thought that to start reading a book is a multiplicity of possibilities, is to surrender to the journey and let, inside the universe of the literary, what has to happen happens. As in life. And this letter that arrived, or that returned, confirms the support, because perhaps also in reality, at some point, one crosses symbolic portals to go in search of possibilities and magic.