Alicia Candiani
Adriana Moracci

Roma Blanco
Cecilia Candiani
Telma Castro
Mariela Constant
Lorena Diaz
Cristina Duro
Germán Gaspari
Beatriz Gratta
Flora Hubot (Belgium)
Adriana Moracci
Elinor Peiretti
Laurel Ponturo
Robin Romansky (Germany)
Laura Savio
Cristina Solía
Micaela Troccello
Loruhama Valdez
Norma Villareal
Gabriela Zelentcher

Proyecto Internacional


The Fold

19.07.2017 to 15.09.2017

"EL PLIEGO / doble unfold”

This exhibition, presented in the ‘aceNITE of July 19th, 2017, is the result of the 3rd project - international interaction of graphic interaction and editing, "EL PLIEGO / double unfolded", in which 17 artistic centers of training, creation and research of 11 countries (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Taiwan). With a total of 224 artworks in the form of a sheet of paper, this project seeks to promote the cultural circulation that allows graphic editing across borders, revalorizing the format of the book from its basic module, the sheet.

Proyecto'ace was one of the participating centers of this project and in 2016 invited 19 artists to produce their works by intervening a sheet of paper folded in 2, using graphic techniques and / or other resources that generate multiple images for its edition of several copies. See "El Pliego 2016"

The space of ’The Fold’ is meant as a whole fragmented one into four separate linking spaces, in which opposition relationships, reflexivity, contiguity and sequencing are established... The fold, like the book opens and closes, withholds, shows and hides at the same time. The bonding of different folds makes a book; a device that works as a nest through its emergency zone and the matching that is the fold, which acts like as an unfolding hinge.

See the project’s catalog EL PLIEGO / LE PLI / A FOLDER

Project organised by the  Grupo dx5 of the Universidad de Vigo in Pontevedra, Spain in collaboration with the Departament of Philosophy and the Arts, University of Quebec in Canada.