Digital & Graphic

The group of investigation dx5 digital and graphic art research is created in 2004 by Jose Antonio Castro Muñiz (Kako Castro), assigned to the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine arts of the University of Vigo. In the middle of the year 2006, Ana Soler Baena assumes together the labors of co-direction and coordination of the group.

Anne Heyvaert
José Andrés Santiago
Marina Núñez
Elena lapeña
Sheila Pazos

Grupo de Investigación dx5


From the Fingerprint to the numerical thing


It presents a series of visual offers that stop without importing the schools in France and Spain, with the participation of students, teachers, ex-pupils and artists invited to provide a general vision what happens in the artistic range. In addition, in order to classify the variety of the speeches, all these voices one organizes concerning different graphical types: incision, sign or the memory, which contrasts with the aesthetics of the disappearance and visual collage printed without contact or pressure, or the front part of discretización the analogy.

This publication has as aim provide finally a diverse image of graph contemporary and established as a critical platform from which there arise new questions and the synergies of our two centers of investigation. With this project we have tried to create a space for the dialog and to contribute to an exchange increasingly fruitful in the relation with an academic and artistic investigation in Europe.