Argentinisches Tageblatt
(lit. "Argentine Daily") is a German-language weekly newspaper published every Saturday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Founded in 1878 ,currently appears weekly, after being daily frequency between 1889 and 1981. It is the only regular publication in German in Argentina, serving as a means of diffusion and contact for German, Swiss and Austrian communities.

Sebastian Loschbert (1984 in Lohr am Main,Germany)
is a journalist graduated in Politics Sciences, Sociology and Spanish at the University of Würzburg (Germany) as Magister Artium. He worked and did internships for German newspaper Main Post (Würzburg), Main Echo (Aschaffenburg), die Tageszeitung (Berlin). He is currently doing an intership at Argentinisches Tageblatt in Buenos Aires. 


Argentinisches Tageblatt


Invisible Limits


Sebastian Loschert describes the project "orte-lieux-places-lugares" of the German artist Ulrich Ludat in this article published in “Argentinisches Tageblatt”, the German-speaking newspaper in Buenos Aires. The review shows Ulrich Ludat's special form of art, which consists to a large extent in exploring the -in this case- unknown city.

The German artist, who had the possibility to work several weeks in Buenos Aires in the context of the ´ace´s Residence Program,  “incorporates” the city walking or using the public transport. As the text indicates, the aim of the artist – being in close contact with the urban life, before taking three characteristically photos and three audio recordings – fixes with the philosophy and possibilities of the residence program of `ace, in particular the possibility of living in the city's downtown corresponds to the artist`s work.

'ace thanks Sebastián Loschert for writting this article, for visit 'ace several times as well as for his sensibility to share and review Ulrich Ludat' s artistic work.

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About the Invisible Borders
Ulrich Ludat, an artist from Saarbrücken, is doing an artistic residency in Buenos Aires
By Sebastian Loschert