Denise Carner Lorenzo
1986. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Professor and Bacherlor in Fine Arts from UNLP.
Master’s degree in Electronic Arts, UNTREF

Has taken art clinics with Ernesto Ballesteros, Patricio Gil Flood y Andrés Pasinovich.

In 2018 she exhibited her work in Frauentreff An der Wuhlheide (Berlin, Alemania), where she worked with immigrant women developing workshops and reflection spaces on the relationship of photography and memory.

In 2016 and 2017 she develops an artistic project in the Martín García island with the photographic input of the National General Archive.

She’s part of the collaborative space “Paz Soldán”, with chich she participates in the open studios at “La Gran Paternal” (Buenos Aires), the neighborhood where she lives and works.

Denise Carner Lorenzo



20.11.2019 to 13.12.2019

Denise Carner Lorenzo was invited by Fundación´ace to exhibit her work "Ephemeral", opening on November 20th with an aceNITE presentation together with the work of other artists in residency. Denise participated in a micro-residency and was accompanied by the ´ace team while experimenting on her project, which revolves around exploring and developing diverse precarious or organic photosensitive materials.


The family album built the personal and collective memory of the analog generations, but what happens when it is discarded? Using photographs found in the trash as starting point, Ephemeral tries to show the mutability of memory using an organic support: image developing on chlorophyll, which over time is withers and disappears.
The portrayed are anonymous, what we see in these images is an existence that ran out. Who are these people? Why does nobody want to remember them anymore? There is a memory that is lost, but in turn is transformed. When the private is found, it becomes public and these images open to multiple possible senses. I am interested in transforming this loss and providing these photographs with new meanings, based on this organic and fragile support which accounts for the precariousness of the memory.