Danielle O'Brien
born in 1992 in Falls Church, Virgina, USA
BFA, sculpture, Magna Cum Laude, James Madison University, 2015, USA
Art Educator, Fairfax Country Public Schools, 2015-2017, USA
Wild Cuts, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Fused Fragments: The Art of Collage, Willow Street Gallery, Washington D.C.
Dada Centennial, International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Making Sense, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, Virginia
Dada Lives!, International Juried Exhibition, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash, Cincinnati, OH
New Waves, Awarded Second Place, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA

Art Farm, Marquette, Nebraska
Azule, Hot Springs, NC
Modular Project Space, Harrisonburg, VA

Second Place, New Waves, Juror: Jan Tumlr, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
Alan Tschudi Outstanding Graduating Student of School of Art, Design, and Art History
Art History Forum Award, Best Research Paper: “Lesbian Subjectivity in the Weimar Republic”

Danielle O Brien


A Purse Full...

26.06.2017 to 21.07.2017


O'Brien is an artist and art educator living and working just outside the USA's capital, Washington D.C. She balances her passion for art education and advocacy with an active studio practice. 

The artist’s work relies heavily on the appropriation, decontextualization, and subversion of pre-existing objects and realities. Concocted sculptures and collages, which offer insight into her obsession with collecting and compiling, intersect at the materialization of concepts and survive as a series of unsettling yet cheeky objects. Birthed from operations of displacement, the artist offers us a vision disruptive of contemporary society and the enunciations of collective identity, especially those that concern gender and sexuality.

Her works, which often take the forms of flowers, sea flora and fauna, leakages, and vaginas, explore themes of identity and the boundaries of erotica and play, innocence and perversion. They are dually polymorphic and polysexual and fed by a decidedly homegrown, handmade aesthetic. Each contrived form employs a careful mash-up of found objects and the artist made, grappling with notions of invention and authenticity.

During her time at Proyecto Ace, O’Brien will deconstruct and rework previously created paintings as a way to revisit old imagery and create a fresh life for it in an alternate context, deeply influenced by the scenery of Buenos Aires. Her paintings will be cut up and joined with new drawings and scavenged images from the streets of the city in aim to blur the lines of past and present and draw conclusions about commonalities of space and landscape. The pieces will be seemingly haphazard, paying homage to childish ways of constructing and making, and contain playful organizations of iconography and color.