Cynthia Münster. Buenos Aires, 1983
Cynthia holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from York University (2006) and a degree in photojournalism from Loyalist College (2007). She has worked as a photographer and journalist, receiving awards from her peers and having her work published by various newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Since leaving her full-time job as a journalist in 2010 she has worked as a photographer and gone back to her visual arts roots with a more journalistic mindset. She works and resides in Ottawa, Canada but grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011 Spring Show-OSCA, Ottawa ON
2011 Solo exhibition-Wild Oat Cafe, Ottawa ON
2010 Exhibitor-Danforth East Arts Fair, Toronto ON
2006 Pulpo/Chiquita-Site-specific exhibitions, York University and various other locations Toronto ON
2006 Group exhibition-Zack’s gallery York University, Toronto ON
2005 Solo exhibition, Thornhill Public Library, ON

Cynthia Münster



29.11.2016 to 02.12.2016

Cynthia is an Argentine-Canadian visual artist fascinated by storytelling and the human mind. She uses both journalism and art to explore the subjects that call her. She has been a political journalist and created installations that explored the political connotations and histories attached to everyday objects. Her current passion is mental health and illness, what it feels like when the brain plays against it's owner. 

During her ACE microresidency she worked on the fading and lack of permanence that characterises senile dementia through a photolithographic series, "Bien".