Cristina Duro (1957), Argentinean artist, lives and works in Buenos Aires. She graduated in Visual Arts with Engraving and Printed Art, professor of Engraving and national teacher of drawing. She works as a professor of visual arts and as a teacher of undergraduate and graduate studies at the School of Arts "Leopoldo Marechal" located in La Matanza, province of Buenos Aires.
She participated in different Salons and has received awards since 1995 in the disciplines of painting, printmaking and photography. Currently working on the interplay of photography and printmaking.

Salón Primavera, Printmaking, Municipalidad de San Fernando. Museum in Azul ¨López Claro¨. Book artist exhibition. Colección 1/1, Editorial Instantes Gráficos. “Combinaciones infinitas”, Museo Fueguino, Tierra del  Fuego. / Sede Teatro Auditorium, Mar del Plata, Argentina. Miniprint: 3rd encounter of printmaking in Mar del Plata.  Cycles International Project.

Cristina Duro



16.11.2015 to 20.11.2015

Cristina Duro is a visual artist and professor from Argentina. She has participated in international projects with the Fundación 'ace and within a micro-residence she will continue exploring the various disciplines which are part of her work and questioning about the originality within the multiple.


My productions are crossed by the photographic and photosensitive materials; I turned to them for my first research. As a student, the need to pass childhood photographs into matrices led me first into offset, then into different transfer techniques and, finally, into photopolymer.
The step from etching into tridimension came later; I looked for it through my photographs first, because when I saw them I wanted to fold, cut and paste them.
My work is both a photograph, a stamp, and mold that folds, then an object that takes shape and is photographed.
Today I ask myself: what is the original of my work, which is the axis of my production, where is the process heading?
When moving from two to three-dimension the original is lost, but at the same time I am photographing (and creating) a new original that is also three-dimensional, and this original new, two-dimensional again, can be re-folded, cut and then photographed ... infinitely.
Once I wrote: "I know I'm in the right place when I'm in my studio." Today I reaffirm this and enjoy interrogating and challenging my production to arrive to something new.