Born in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna, Austria

2010 University of applied arts, Vienna
2014 Academy of Fine Arts vienna 

Her works have been part of exhibitions and festivals around the world. On 2015 she also participating of the Triennale of Photography in Hamburg, Germany.

Christiane Peschek



26.01.2015 to 30.01.2015

Christiane Peschek will continue working on the artist book from the project "Invisibles" during the 'ace micro-residency. The project focuses on the question of reality and imagination of the photographic image.


I am searching for abscence and imagination. In my current body of work “invisibles” I combine images that deal with physical, narrative or human abscence. “Moments I’ve failed to capture” is the main motivation in this work. I try to create different ways of using photography as a commemoration system in recunstructing moments of my own life. I add abstract forms to leftover rooms and landscapes. I try to recreate a story by highlighting different spots in the image, that start to relate to each other. I use big white canvas, projection displays that asks for visibility and abscence.

In another experiment I dealed with the transformation of the visual image in a somehow “imaginary” display. Through autobiographic texts I explore imageproduction on moments, where I had no camera with me.