Chloë Charce

1981, Albertville, France.
Lives and works in Montreal.

BFA in Visual and Media Arts, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) 
MFA in studio arts – sculpture at Concordia University.

She has received several grants and awards and participated in various events and exhibitions.

In 2017, she did a permanent outdoor project in Montreal.In 2018, she will have a residency and a solo exhibition at axenéo7 in Gatineau, Quebec.  

Chloe Charce


Memories of...



Chloë toured the city of Buenos Aires looking at the iron gates of different neighborhoods and the ones that interested her the most, perhaps because of the particularity of the space, were those of the Chacarita Cemetery, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From that, the artist reproduced portals 1:1 in foam board, covered them with iridescent tape and installed them in the same cemetery, in front of their "originals". Before dawn, Charce captured images between phantasmagoric and timeless. Photographs that bring that uneasy and hypnotizing indeterminacy.

During the 'aceNITE on July 4, Chloë installed one of the portals in the 'ace house, bringing inside, part of the cemetery, an important element in the identity of the Chacarita/Colegiales area, where we are located.