Cesar Forero is a Colombian- born Canadian. He has a MA of the University of Minnesota State and a MFA of Waterloo's University, Ontario; in addition he has a BA in Architecture (1990) of the Pilot University of Colombia, Bogota, and also he realized several courses of urbanism and liberal arts inside Minnesota and Bogota. He has taught architecture, design and art to University level in Colombia, The United States and Canada. 

From 2006, he has devoted himself to be an artist of complete time, with an artistic practice that mixes the sculpture, painting and the work of textile with the performance and film. He has exhibited his work in all the countries before mentioned as well as Japan.

Cesar Forero


The Book of Bustrophedon

22.10.2012 to 09.11.2012

Cesar Forero is Colombian-born Canadian citizen that arrived to Buenos Aires with the project "The Book of Bustrophedon”.
The word “boustrophedon” means “as the ox plows.” It describes a form of writing in which the letters march across the page until they reach the end of the line, and then turn around, like an ox plowing a field, to start a new line facing in the opposite direction. It is a form of writing that carries the reader through the story in the same way that a scroll unrolls. 

The residence will finished with an installation that will be constructed of scrolls draped to form a series of looping walls. The gallery will be transformed into the ox-turning effect, which is also the “Book of Bustrophedon.” The scrolls reveal a continuous series of drawings, painting and writing telling the story of the continuous human relationship with the earth. The scroll form follows the inexorable progression of truth, but at the same time the translucency of the backlit paper reveals shadows of imagery behind. Dual images and shifting chronology admits that nothing is lost and we are all connected to the soil that we must protect.