Cecilia Stelini is a Brazilian artist who currently lives and works in Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

She received a Bachelor in Design and Art at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation and graduated in the Specialization Course in Visual Arts, UNICAMP (University of Campinas) in San Pablo.

She is an experimental artist who produces projects of urban artistic interventions and performances. IShe is a founding member of the Contemporary Art Group Pparalelo.


What is not said, performance, video, photography and design

Confluences-AT | AL | 609, Campinas, Brazil

GRAFT, performance, ZONADEARTENACCIÓN, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Calendar 2010-Group Roaming Pparalelo of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Americana, SP, Brazil

Elective Affinities curating by Agnaldo Farias, CPFL Cultural Space, Campinas SP, Brazil

La Cuadra, urban intervention, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cecilia Stelini


As Mecca

22.10.2012 to 09.11.2012

Cecilia Stelini will arrive to Buenos Aires to work in a public art project that aims to lead the artist, participants and public to reconsider the vision of their environment and introduce notions of care and protection; will provide new insights into public spaces and the city, transforming these spaces and the attitude of people towards them as well as will achieve an exchange (of experience, energy and knowledge) with a group of people of different genders, religions and ages to share the performance. 

The project As Mecca will take place in public spaces in Buenos Aires on November 3, 2012.


AS MECCA is a shared artistic action consisting in the construction of carpets with flowers, leaves and other natural features of the area where the work is performed.

I started this  series of interventions inspired in the  procession carpets, typical of the Catholic religion, because they make part of my childhood since I participated in the construction of them in my city. Later, the project emigrated from Catholic  processional carpets to Muslims rag, those that the individuals use to perform their daily prayers.  As well as fulfilling the same role for religion, they can be transported everywhere and anywhere where the faithful go.

AS MECCA is a work in progress developed by actions that occur through the construction of small rugs (approx. 0,60 m x 0,50 m) and can be done anytime and anywhere in the world. For the construction of this work we will use natural materials always characteristic of each place previously investigated, flowers, plants, seeds, leaves, rocks, sand, etc. found in every place where the project is running.