Cartographic Imaginary II
About imagined maps in Contemporary Art

Contemporary art has used maps and mapping in general, to design new spaces and re- define limits by blurring boundaries and plotting new ones. In this sense,by using cartography, artists not only perform a critical geopolitics but, adopting the notion of mapping, also reflect on the limits and dimensions of their own artistic practices in a changing world.

Alicia Candiani




Organized by the Argentine Center of Cartography and framed by the Sixth Congress of Cartographic Science, Alicia Candiani has been invited for a second time to present a keynote lecture  about the relationship between Cartography and Contemporary Art. The conference is scheduled to be held on the opening day, Wednesday June 27, 5.30 pm, at the headquarters of the center located at Av Cabildo 381, City of Buenos Aires. If you are around there please pass by.


- 27, 28 and 29 June
Roundtables - 27 and June 29
• History of Cartography.
• Quality of cartographic data
Workshop Introduction to OrtoSky - June 27
Geologic Mapping Symposium - June 28
Technical Sessions - 27, 28 and 29 June
GeoInquietos Meeting - June 28
Shows and exhibitions:
Exhibition of posters with technical and institutional work
Photo exhibition related art Cartography.
Themed art exhibition Mapping
Exhibition of old maps
Mapping the Road to San Juan 2010 - CEFOCCA - UNSJ
Technological and commercial exhibition
Latin American music group T'Andando