Carlos Doria
Born in Cordoba, Argentina
Currently living in USA

BFA in Theater Production, Brooklyn College
MFA in Theater and Film Design, Tisch School of the Arts,New York University

He designed sets for opera, musicals, theater and site specific pieces as well as other projects for many years in New York City. More recently, he is concentrating in painting and printmaking. Carlos has been developing his art in Berlin, New York and Washington DC.

Carlos Doria



10.12.2018 to 14.12.2018

Carlos Doria is an Argentine artist who has been living for many years between Washington, DC and New York City. He participated in a Production Micro-Residency in the 'ACE workshops where he experimented with printmaking and disposable plastic bags to create images representing imaginary water.


The influence of climate change on the distribution of water is a message that I want to convey in my images. The idea of water covering islands, flooding cities and forcing people to relocate brings a big question to me. What will be the future of our landscapes and cities and how will people adapt to the intrusion of water?

Climate change is complex. Millions of people like me live totally isolated from nature. We must understand what future generations will face if nature collapses. From my artistic viewpoint I can only bring awareness through what my imagination creates. The challenge is to raise awareness and hope. Adaptation, transformation and water are words that I use to inspire my project. Humans will only look for beauty or meaning in the creation of their surroundings. Using the disposable plastic bags, I want to create an image reminiscent of deep water.

"Underwater" is a process to create layered elements representing those that will vanish and those that will transform and become part of our natural surroundings.