Camilo Gutiérrez 
Zipaquirá, Colombia. 1992

Assistant professor in the same institution in the areas of engraving and gravure.
XI Meeting with the Regional Art, Exhibition of Graphic Arts of the Arteria Magazine, Mini Trez Exhibition, Cano Room, degree thesis titled Phaleris in the XXXIII Sample of Gustavo Zalamea degree works of the Univ. Nac. De Colombia, XXV Spring in Cajicá, IV International Exhibition of Contemporary Graphics of Colombia, 1st Biennial of the Small Print of Latin America and the Caribbean in Ecuador, nominated for the 2017 Memory Award of the University Museum of the University of Antioquia and the International Engraving Biennial of Sarcelles.

Camilo Gutierrez


Argentina and printmaking

17.07.2018 to 10.08.2018

Camilo is an artist, researcher and educator, or all that together. He is conducting an exploration residency to advance research and reflection for his master's thesis, which deals with artistic graphic production in Buenos Aires during the end of 20th century. Camilo seeks to have an idea about the historical, social and Argentine historiography to compare it with the situation in his country, where he was educated as an artist and researcher, Colombia.

ABOUT HIS THESIS "Printmaking in Colombia and Argentina, comparative analysis"

The project to be carried out is a research on the history of graphics in Argentina, as were its production dynamics at the end of the 19th century, how it began its teaching in university institutions and finally how graphic art is currently positioned in the arts. I also intend to know how is the teaching of different graphic languages ​​in Argentina and whether these methods have changed or not from those used in previous times, emphasizing whether these methods changed according to the political situation in the country. This investigation will be the final chapter of my thesis of the Master's Degree in Art Education in which I am conducting an investigation on the same questions that I will develop in Argentina. The purpose of this research is to be able to reconsider and recognize if we have made mistakes with the production and teaching of the graphic in Colombia comparing it with a country of our own continent and with which we share some historical records.