Camila Salcedo
1996 Caracas, Venezuela
Lives in Canada

2018 BFA Interdisciplinary, NSCAD University. Canada.

RiAP, Art in the Open, Nocturne, articule, 7a*8d, the Anna Leonowens Gallery, the Khyber Centre for the Arts, and Connexion Artist-Run-Centre (Canada)
La Pocha Nostra (Mexico) and GUS (South Africa).

Creative Innovators of Tomorrow Award, the Arthur Lismer Award for Academic Excellence, etc. 
2018 Individual Artist Professional Development Grant through Arts Nova Scotia 

Arquetopia in Oaxaca and The Lab Program in CDMX (México)

Camila Salcedo


Miss Universe/o ...


"Miss Universe/o: Comandanta America"

During this iteration of Salcedo’s performance character, Miss Universe, she is dressed as a military commander. Her uniform “camo” is made up of fabric designed by the artist which contains the map of the American continent camouflaged in various shades of pink, green and blue. In the background there is a rotating slideshow of collages that use the map of the American continent without national borders depicted. In this performance, she starts by taking off a layer of clothing and military-style boots, so as to infer that she is “off duty”. Then, she proceeds to take out small flags one by one from a suitcase which was constructed out of the Venezuelan flag. Each flag is then placed onto a vinyl map of the American continent on the floor, on top of the region or country which corresponds to the “flag”. Each flag corresponds to the twelve countries with the most Venezuelan immigrants of the Bolivarian Diaspora. Every time she lays down a “flag”, she steps on top of it with her two feet, signifying “new roots” for Venezuelan migrants through attempting to be grounded. Each second spent on top of each flag signifies the number of Venezuelans in that country. Later, she lays down on top of all the flags, so as to “erase” or block borders by covering them with her body. She finishes the performance by picking up each flag and making a stack of them on top of where “Venezuela” corresponds on the map, and lays her military necklace tag on top.