Camila Farina was born in Paris in 1984. She studied at the Villa Arson in Nice.
She currently lives and works in Paris .
She has participated in several exhibitions and events in France and internationally. This year has been a guest artist of the gallery-residence Casa Imelda in Mexico DF MATERIAL fair .
In 2014 she was awarded a scholarship by the German artist Stefan Balkenhol

CASA IMELDA , Mexico City, Mx .
BOURSE ARTOPIE- BALKENHOL , Meisenthal , 2014-2015 Fr.
PROYECTO ACE, Buenos Aires, Ar. 2014
BLEU FIXE, Charpentiers of Corse Ponte Leccia, 2012 Fr.
TOMBOLA extatique, Fondation René d' Azur, Nice, Fr. 2012

Camila Farina



25.04.2016 to 29.04.2016

Camila Farina makes a residence at 'ace for the second time. After three years Camila comes with a different search but the gesture is maintained. Through the automatic work and repetition reaches new images.


Camila Farina's work pays attention to the image as an ubiquitous element in the relationship with the world, taking it as a physical link and a bridge. Focusing on the image’s materialistic as well as conceptual presence, the plays in the artist’s compositions are based in repetition. It is through the repetition of an object-image that the artist reveals the peripheral senses at stake in terms of representation.
Camila uses manufacturing, reproduction and circulation techniques as lithography, typography and other types of multiple reproduction techniques.The press, the brand and footprint are everywhere. Mistakes generate new shapes, ancient forms regenerate. Juxtaposing abstraction, figuration, image-text, cartoon, spots ...Different regimes in which planes and lines are organized and collide with the immaterial part of the image: idea, meaning, feelings, metaphors ...Focusing in techniques that may seem anachronistic is not innocent. What is at stake is the body of images, the weight of writing, the sense of sight. In a world of  information that runs in high speeds without strength, Camila Farina is dedicated to produce an enigmatic and attractive work, in which each image has its own time and each track is peeled from one base to another, in an endless movement.