Camila Farina (France, 1984) lives and work between Paris and  Buenos Aires. She studied at the Ecole Internacional Pilote de la Villa Arson in Niza, France, where she graduated with a MFA.  She is co-director of HOLD UP a collective project.

Camila exhibited in several group shows. She is a free-lance graphic designer  and currently works in Editions Vendimiairies in Paris. She  was in charge of the public lectures at Centre d'art du Jeu de Paume in Paris yand taught Moder Art History at Paris-Dauphine.  

CIté des Arts Internationale, Paris, France

Camila Farina



05.03.2014 to 04.04.2014

Born in France from an Argentine father and a Chilean mother, married with a Peruvian  and with Italian citizenship, Camila Farina seem to live in constant transit between various cultures and geographies inevitably unite to South America with Latin Europe. 

Crossing the Andes Range frequently from her childhood provides the artist with visual images, psychological and physical sensations, union and separation of territories,cultures as well as her own familiar life. All these elements together with videos captured in the several trips made through the years conform the foundations for the "Routes" project, which will be developed during her residency at ace.