César Damián was born in Mexico City, studied photography at the Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, USA and at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.  He’s an independent producer of photography based editorial projects. Damián is the founder of FRONDA (, a non-profit organization aiming to promote contemporary art in Mexico.  He lives and works in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

His work has been acknowledged in Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom where he has participated in over twenty exhibitions in museums and galleries,  he is represented by the Summit Fine Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.

From 2002 up to the present, he has benefited with several grants and awards for artists.  He’s currently a FOECAH (Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo) grant holder in the category of creators with trajectory.  He has participated in various artist residencies in Canada, mainly at The Banff Centre in Alberta, in two different occasions (2006 and 2007) and at The Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society (THARS) in Yukon in 2009. He was invited to participate at The Calgary-Banff Photography Festival in 2007.

César Damián


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04.06.2012 to 07.07.2012

During two months the Mexican artist Cesar Damian will be in residence at ´ace. He is one of the three 2012 winners of a fellowship awarded by the governments of Argentina (Ministry of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation) and Mexico (FONCA-CONACULTA). The guiding principle of his work has been migration, vehicle of his creative projects and promoter of his own personal transformations, from which the artist investigates issues that symbolize its ramifications: geography, distance, mobility, rupture, border, identity evocation, anxiety, fear, life and death.


My creative experience arises from conventional photography where I have explored image as the basis of expression. Motivated by a need for experimentation and research, I have gradually cross my practice to other disciplines. As I have been getting involved in new projects, I have found myself immersed in interdisciplinary processes. In these exercises, the biggest challenge has also been most fulfilling cause: developing collaborative projects with artists from different disciplines and above all, conceiving art as a multidisciplinary manifestation, transverse, experimental and collaborative system.

Although my work is visual, it also aims to connect to poetry, space, texture and sound. I conceive it as sensory/sensual creative system, where I cross dreams, darkness, light, landscape, distorted faces and bodies.

I’m interested in representing the artist of my time, building new narratives, new meanings; inquiring into the multidimensionality. Entering on a map and appearing on a different one, where memory and reality intersect. Pursue and set parallel realities.

My mission as an artist is to reflect about all that allowing my own need for expression, invention, experimentation, exploration, questioning, confrontation and being free.